What to Expect

Dr. Feigenbaum performs surgeryWhat to expect the day of your cyst surgery

When you arrive to the surgery check-in at the hospital you will be asked to change into a gown and the nurse will start an IV in your arm or hand. You will be covered with warm blankets. When it is closer to your surgery time you will meet your anesthesia provider and operating room nurse. You will also see Dr. Feigenbaum and he will mark your surgery site with a marker on your skin. You may receive medications in your IV to help with anxiety. When it is time for surgery you will be wheeled to the operating room suite and given more warm blankets.

When you awake from your surgery you will be in the recovery room and attended to by the recovery room nurse. You will have a catheter in your bladder and a monitoring clip on your finger to check the oxygen level in your blood. You may be given extra oxygen to breathe as well. You will most likely have a drain tube from your incision site. Your nurse will be giving you medications for your comfort and to prevent nausea. When it is time you will be transported to your room.

After you are settled in your room and have met your nurse you will be rejoined with your family. You will be on bed rest and must lie flat but you can roll from side to side. You will be given fluids through your IV and may start drinking clear liquids. Your diet will be advanced as you tolerate through the day. You will not have a pain pump but will be given pain medications through your IV. If you wish a family member can stay with you overnight.

What to expect the first day after your cyst surgery

At approximately nine in the morning your nurse will raise the head of your bed slightly. The drain tube if present will most likely be removed. At noon the head of your bed will be raised even more. At approximately three in the afternoon you will be allowed to sit more elevated in bed and then get out of bed. This is the time your catheter will be removed also. If you can make and pass your urine within six hours after the catheter is removed it will stay out. If you have trouble passing your urine the catheter will be replaced and you will get another chance the next day. Most patients do not have any trouble passing their urine. You may feel tired and weak so take it slow and easy today.

What to expect the second day after your cyst surgery

You will most likely start feeling better and have more chances to take some short walks. You may start taking more of your pain medication by mouth. You may also notice you have numbness in the buttocks area or your private areas and this is not unusual after the surgery. It is usually temporary. You may also notice your pain is different than it was before your surgery.

What to expect the third day after your cyst surgery

This is the day most patients are discharged from the hospital. You will be given instructions. Some patients go home on the second day. You can expect your energy may be starting to come back. You may feel like walking more. You may notice your pain is different and many of your symptoms are better. If your bowels are slow you may be given a laxative or instructed to use a fleets enema. Expect to take over the counter medications to keep your bowels moving regularly for a period of time.