Sacral Tarlov Cyst Pediatric Restrictions Ages 5 to 15

  1. No lifting more than 2 pounds for the first 4 weeks, for patients over 14 no lifting more than 5 pounds for one month after surgery.
  2. May gradually increase to 5-8 pounds after 4 weeks.
  3. 2 months after surgery gradually increase to 10-15 pounds
  4. Minimize sitting periods to no more than 45 minutes at a time without a break and for some patients they may only tolerate shorter periods of time. Patient should not sit for longer than what is comfortable.
  5. Minimize bending and twisting for first 4-8 weeks after surgery to preserve comfort level and ensure proper healing of the incision.
  6. Walk as tolerated, limit running for 4 weeks after surgery
  7. No gym class, no playground, no sports for 4-6 weeks and may need to extend this to 8-12 weeks depending on comfort level. No contact sports for 6 months.
  8. May need rest periods in which he/she lays down throughout the school day
  9. Patient may return to limited hours at school 2-4 weeks after surgery depending on how they are feeling and tolerating their symptoms.

Other considerations for returning to school activities

  • Check with the school for options to join the class via Skype or other means from home as desired.
  • Request another set of books at school, so the patient does not have to carry books back and forth to school.
  • Make teachers aware there may be times when the patient will want to stand instead of sitting in class.
  • If the bus ride is too rough for the patient, they may prefer to ride to and from school in a car for greater comfort.
  • Having a cushion to sit on at school should be available if needed.

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